Get more customers with customized wristbands

November 16, 2008

Do you have a small business or service that needs more customers?

Do business cards not really work for you?

Consider the trend for customized wristbands – nowadays they can be customized with any message you like, meaning they can be used very effectively as marketing items for your business.

For example, taxi firms can have their phone number engraved into wristbands so they can be handed out in pubs, clubs, to customers on their way out for the evening. Because the customer can wear your wristband, they can keep your number handy for when they need a cab later. Or why not team up with a local travel agent and have them supply your wristbands with holiday tickets – perfect for those airport transfers.

Or perhaps you have a business that does car repairs – why not hand out customized wristbands to your customers as key fobs (they can be easily slotted onto existing keyrings) so that they have your number handy for next time.

Also great for nightclubs – more durable than flyers, customized wristbands can be handed out to potential customers, and they are more likely to hang onto a wristband (by wearing it) than a slip of paper. A brilliant idea especially if you combine it with another offer such as free admission for early birds.

The potential of customized wristbands for marketing virtually any business is huge. They are a really cost-effective way to get new customers, and keep them!

Thanks to modern laser engraving techniques, customized rubber wristbands can now be produced in smaller quantities which means you can start off small and test your campaign! Once you see how successful this simple marketing idea can be, you can purchase a larger quantity – and gain discounts for ordering in bulk, making it even more cost-effective. Don’t waste more money on flyers that go straight in the bin!

Customized rubber wristbands can be purchased in bulk, and also in small quantities (no minimum order) at:

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Cheap Fundraising Idea – Customized Wristbands

November 15, 2008

Looking for a cheap but effective fundraising idea?

Don’t overlook the simple silicone wristband – ideal for re-sale at fundraising events or in fundraising catalogues etc.¬† Cost-effective and durable, wristbands can be customized with any message.

The real bonus of using customized wristbands as fundraising items is that you not only make a profit on the re-sale, but also your message is spread far and wide, carried by the wearer.

If you’re a fundraiser and you haven’t considered using wristbands for your campaigns, why not explore the possibilities. A good supplier will take small quantity orders, allowing you to test your campaign – then, when you’re ready to order more, look for bulk order discounts on your customized wristbands.

Free delivery on customized wristbands at

Customized Wristbands as Christmas Gifts

November 15, 2008

Christmas 2008 finds many of us feeling the pinch from the dreaded “credit crunch”.

As thoughts turn to Christmas gift buying on a budget, for a cheap Christmas gift, why not consider a personalized wristband ?

Still a very popular accessory and sported by many to show support for good causes, customized wristbands are also now available with individual personalization – so you can create a truly unique personalized gift.

Perhaps you and a friend share a secret joke or saying that means something to you, or reminds you of a special or funny occasion – you could create a wristband with your chosen words, and give to your friend this Christmas. Great fun!

Or perhaps you’re looking for a more romantic Christmas gift? Customize a wristband with your special names or words that mean something special – a cute romantic gift that will make a great reminder band.

If you are buying a Secret Santa gift this year, a customized wristband could be the answer – choose something relevant to the recipient for lots of laughs at the office party!

There’s no end to the fun ideas – buy wristbands from – incredibly good value, and available in single quantities.

Cheaper prices when you buy more!

new wristbands website launched

November 13, 2008

Today sees the launch of our latest wristband website – the same great products and even easier to order.

Fully personalized wristbands in a range of colors and two sizes. High quality, with no minimum order quantity. Buy more and take advantage of our generous bulk discounts. Plus FREE UK DELIVERY OFFER.

Customized wristbands from only 75p each!

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The Colourful World Of Customised Wristbands

January 5, 2008

Silicone wristbands have evolved – not just for large scale fundraising and awareness campaigns, more and more they are being used for sports, schools, businesses and individuals for a whole range of purposes. From promotions to more practical uses by sport teams and clubs, their popularity is helped by the huge range of colours available. Bright and eye-catching, wristbands now come in all kinds of colours, so they are truly customisable to suit any team, theme or campaign. It’s not just about the customised message – the colour you choose can help reflect team colours, business image or co-ordinate with other items in your campaign.

At we offer a wide range of colours to our wristband customers, including multi-coloured bands and interlocked bands of contrasting colour.

If you’re looking for wristbands of a particular colour, why not check out our range:

We have every colour: green wristbands, pink wristbands, red wristbands, sky blue wristbands, black, white, yellow… I could go on but why not take a look for yourself?

Single wristband colours / interlocked wristband colours / all the wristband colours

Keeping those resolutions for 2008…

January 5, 2008

So… how are your new years resolutions going? We’re now off and running in 2008 and enough days have passed since January 1st for most of us to get complacent, lazy or forgetful, and the resolutions to fall by the wayside.

If you’re struggling to keep to your 2008 resolutions, why not try getting yourself a customised wristband or three to help you keep your resolve? Choose a bright colour to grab your attention in moments of weakness, and customise with your own particular message or word of motivation. It’s still early days so even if you’ve already started to slip with the occasional cigarette, chocolate or day off from exercise, it’s not too late to get back on the right track.

Here at, we’ve seen some really good examples in our recent orders. Smokers have favoured customised bands bearing messages about health or financial cost of smoking – a great reminder for when temptation strikes. Those ordering wristbands to help them with weight-loss resolutions tend to be more personal (and occasionally self-derisory!) in their messages – name calling and weight targets are popular customisation options we’ve noticed recently.

Whatever your new years resolution (and hey: it doesn’t have to be at New Year – we can all make changes to improve our lives at any time of year), customised wristbands can be a really useful gizmo for helping you achieve your aims. They not only remind you of the promises you have made yourself, but also remind other people, which can help you to stay on track. Groups of friends often club together and get matching wristbands – working as a team can help you stay strong!

Give up smoking, lose weight, be more active, stop biting your nails, drink less, swear less -whatever your goal, a wristband featuring your own personal motive could be just what you need.

Buy fully customised wristbands from just 75p each at – no minimum order!

Your 2008 New Years Resolutions

November 26, 2007

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is looming and before you know it, will be over and done with for another year. Like many of us, you’ll probably make some new years resolutions for 2008 – perhaps to lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with the family or to learn a new skill.

Whatever your new years resolutions may be, we all know how hard they are to stick to!

A couple of weeks into January and even the most dedicated of us slip back into our old ways and those resolutions go out of the window. It’s not easy to keep to your plans once the routines of our day to day lives take over.

For 2008, why not make a resolution to stick to your resolutions? If you are easily distracted, why not get yourself a customised rubber wristband with a special word or phrase that will remind you of your resolution? It could really help, as wearing the band helps to re-inforce the message (to yourself!) in moments of weakness.

Imagine you’re struggling to lose weight and have made a New Years resolution to eat less – you could get yourself a wristband saying “size 8 jeans” or “bikini”! Whatever it is that inspires you to make the resolution in the first place will be the most effective encouragement when temptation sets in. Your message can be totally personal to you – choose the words you know will make you think twice before giving in to weakness!

You could even join together with friends or workmates – get matching wristbands for each person sharing the resolution. Fear of letting others down is a great motivator!

We hope you stick to your 2008 New Years resolutions, whatever they are, and would love to hear from you if you use wristbands to help you on your way.

Ready to order your wristband ready for 2008? Check out this great range of fully customisable rubber wristbands – choose your colour then personalise with any phrase. Order now and be ready for 2008!

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